Rapidly changing Telehealth Reimbursement Policies

At Secure Telehealth, we have spent the last ten years with 50 different pages dedicated to the reimbursement policies of the 50 different states. Laws have been changing regularly that whole time, but nothing like these past few months. In March, when the stay at home orders due to the Covid-19 virus were enacted all of the United States, The Federal Government and state Governments acted quickly to remove all barriers to telehealth by eliminating restrictions and allowing telehealth visits to be reimbursed for almost anything.

Many providers were forced into doing telehealth for the first time and were forced to resort to facetime video or even telephone calls. While the lifting of all restrictions is not sustainable due to the increase in Fraud that will accompany it, it is safe to say that the telehealth “Genie is out of the bottle” and for many of us it will never go back in.

So what do providers do now? Providers and their patients want the peace of mind knowing that their telehealth visits are secure. At Secure Telehealth, we set up your account lock the security settings for you. Over 70 setting options are monitored and locked by our staff at Secure Telehealth to ensure that your meetings are Secure. Using our accounts keeps your personal information out of other peoples hands and in addition allows us to provide a level of customer service and tech support that is unrivaled.

Providers and their patients also want to know that the technology is going to work. Anyone can contact us by phone and get real time support to be sure that time is not wasted and the appointments are not missed. You do not need to struggle with technology issues on your own.

As more and more of these restrictions are lifted permanently, do not hesitate to contact us at Secure Telehealth for advice or assistance implementing or expanding your virtual health care services.

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Dan Mountain