What Other People Are Saying About Secure Telehealth


Kathryn Merrion

B.S. Research Assistant Synergy Outpatient Services 1212 S. Broadway, Suite 200 Denver, CO 80210 ARTS UCD

Better quality than what we have seen before

"We have been very impressed with both the telemedicine platform and customer service provided by Secure Telehealth. The software is extremely user-friendly, is easy to navigate, and the quality is by far the best that we have seen compared to other services. The team at Secure Telehealth always responds promptly with helpful answers whenever we have questions about the platform. Secure Telehealth is extremely easy to use and literally takes only a few minutes to install and set up for each user."

Adeoke Adeyemo


Help for a Tele-Psychiatrist in California

“ In general there has not been a need for any quick fixes due to the quality of your product.”

“When there was a problem, even though it took a lot of time and effort, you were extremely helpful and courteous. I would classify your customer service as outstanding.”

Secure Telehealth

Wilson Foy

Increasing patient access - Lakeside Hospital in Memphis

"Secure Telehealth has changed the way we interact with patients in a positive way. Since implementing this product, we have dramatically decreased the time patients wait for their behavioral assessments and their treatment, expediting their transportation to the facility that best fits their treatment needs. Getting the patient the help they need is what we do, Secure Telehealth helps us get it done faster."

Secure Telehealth

Destiny Sargeant

Telehealth for intakes in Alaska

Here in Alaska we have had experience with telehealth for quite a few years. The Secure Teleheath system is easily set up, secure, and quite simple to use, even for agencies without prior knowledge of any systems. Secure Telehealth has been an efficient organization to work with. Through Secure Telehealth we were able to establish tele-communications to enable us to complete client intakes via a computer portal out of state. This advanced patient access was secure, confidential, and worked very effectively to deliver state of the art, timely services for our clients.

Secure Telehealth

Adam J. Raulerson

M.S., LMFT Laurelwood Hospital

Increase Patient Access - Laurelwood Hospital in Gainesville, GA

"We provide a mobile assessment service to eight rural hospitals throughout a thirteen county region. Our purpose is to assist in appropriate referral and placement of behavioral health patients. We implemented Secure Telehealth to reduce the front-end delay related to travel time. The response has been very positive. We also have seen increased efficiency while reducing cost. It is a great partnership for us."

Secure Telehealth

Jean Scallon

CEO, Bloomington Meadows Hospital in Bloomington, Indiana

Improving Continuity of Care

"Rural Indiana can be challenged when it comes to providing continuity of care for our mental health members. By providing a link to their care through Secure Telehealth, we reduce the likelihood of unnesessary readmissions, provide a connection that keeps them safe, and a visual to gauge reactions to drive excellent care! In summary...love it!"

Secure Telehealth

Kara Mochan

Kara Mochan, MN ARNP Inc.

"This is so much better then Microsoft Lync - it's amazing!"

Secure Telehealth

Toni Flanagan

President, Corine's Care Management, Snow Hill, NC

Corine's Care Management, Inc.

"Corine’s Care Management, Inc., has been using Secure Telehealth services for one year in Snow Hill, NC. The service is also mobile, as long as you have a lap top and the right speed for connecting. It is very easy for our staff to learn. Mr. Jim's group is always available to help. This program has my highest recommendation. Thanks, Toni Flanagan (President)"

Secure Telehealth

Frances L. Jackson

Program and Resource Development Specialist

Overcoming Barriers to Access - Youth Health Service, Inc.

"My agency, Youth Health Service, Inc., has been using Secure Telehealth services for one year in rural West Virginia. We connect clients who live in five rural counties. We connect youth, ages 2-17 years and their parents to our psychiatric services using secure meeting rooms. Our staff learned the system in less than a week. Jim's group was always available to help us set up the system, but because the system is so simple, little time was required for staff to become efficient in use of the system. Our client reviews have been extremely positive. I highly recommend Secure Telehealth to anyone who wants quality teleconferencing for their psychiatric and psychological services and a system to connection staff who work in rural remote communities to the home-base office. Our cost for setting up a system was one-tenth that of the cost for leasing equipment and joining a regional telehealth psychiatric network. This is the way to go if you are considering Telemental health services. This system will save you a lot of money, while allowing you to add a valuable service for your patients. Call Jim today!"

Michael Schneck


Psychiatric Associates of Livingston, Inc.

"I have utilized Secure Telehealth services for the past 18 months. The videoconferencing has been excellent and the support has been even better. Servicing my business has been a challenge but Secure Telehealth has solved all my problems for me. They have my highest recommendation."

Secure Telehealth

Jane Brown

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

"The system is easy to navigate and to use with minimal technical difficulties. However, Secure Telehealth team has been very respectful of assisting us with our user errors!"

Secure Telehealth

Chris Culp

Idaho Behavioral Health

"Secure Telehealth's ability to provide immediate tech support and customer service has truly made an impact on our ability to provide quality mental health services. The training provided in the initial phase of implementation was thorough and the product has been very easy to navigate as well as "user friendly". What extremely limited difficulties we have experienced have been taken care of immediately by Secure Telehealth. Thanks Jim, your product has truly revolutionized our ability to take care of individuals in rural areas and your customer service is outstanding. I can't say enough positive things about Secure Telehealth. We implemented this service and I have had to pay very little attention to working out the "bugs". Thanks again!"