Update from the Virginia Community Service Boards Conference in Richmond, VA

I enjoy attending these smaller, state wide conferences to see what kinds of challenges people are facing in the world of behavioral health and substance use treatment. I get new ideas for how our telehealth software can be used to help or fill a need. One converstation introduced me to a new area where Secure live video telehealth software could be a great help. In talking with Courtney from CA Human services outside of Richmond, she discussed with me the need for professional development for providers and staff in the rural and urban areas of Virginia. There are new ways to determine what kinds of developmental disabilities a young child may have. There are also new best practices for helping them. One of the many amazing things that CA Human Services does is reach out and help those clinics and their providers to get the latest information.

A possible use of our Secure Live Video telehealth software can be in the area of real time coaching. Imagine an organization that providing a coach in Richmond who uses the software to help a provider or clinic in Rural Western Virginia. Or a University providing real time coaching to underfunded and understaffed urban clinics. The software is simple to use and can be set up on any computer or iPAd. We assist both sides with set up and training and are available in the moment in case any technical difficlulties arise. Are you interested in learning more about Telehealth in Virginia? Or how you may be able to use software like ours anywhere in the nation? Please contact us below for information. We would love to talk through possible solutions for you as well.

Virginia Community Service Boards

Do you have any ideas for how HIPAA – Compliant and simple telehealth software can be used? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below or contact us directly. Thank you!

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