Telehealth from the Patient’s home? In New Jersey you can.

Medicaid regulations regarding New Jersey Telehealth make no rules stating whether or not a health professional needs to be present with the patient during a live video session with their healthcare provider. This means that as a provider you can meet with a patient in his or her own home!

At Secure Telehealth, we have been working with Trinitas Regional Medical Center, headquartered in Elizabethtown, NJ. They have been using our telehealth solutions for years by connecting locations using iPads. They are in the beginning stages of bringing their telehealth services into patients homes and we are helping with that. We can ensure that the connection is Secure and encrypted. We can work with the home users directly in advance to help them download the apps and connect. We test the system with them and provide technical support for those patients even in their own homes. Because we sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement, we can work with the providers and the patients and not be in violation. Let us help you get started.

Interested in seeing patients in New Jersey? Or Interested in what you can do in your state? Check out our state by state Guide to Telehealth and contact us today!

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