Telehealth and Covid-19 Moving Forward

Despite case numbers going down nationwide and over a million people being vaccinated against Covid-19 each day, people are still staying home and staying socially distant. This continues to be true for the HealthCare Industry as well. In order to try to slow the spread of Covid-19 and to ease the burden on hospitals and health care providers, millions of users switched to seeing their health care professionals online using one of many Telehealth services. In order to make that easier for everyone, back in March of 2020 the government temporarily relaxed the security requirements. This allowed the patients of small private practices as well as large health organizations to continue to get the care that they needed.

Using Telehealth is never going away, but more states as well as the federal government are proposing legislation and passing laws that are placing reasonable restrictions on how telehealth can be done. These restrictions are to ensure the security of the meetings and to minimize fraudulent Medicare and commercial insurance claims. We are working very hard here at Secure Telehealth to stay on top of those policies and we can work with you to have a successful telehealth program while doing it the right way. If you’ve been using FaceTime or trying to do Zoom on your own, its time to give us a call. If you subscribed to another telehealth service but it is frustrating at times, it’s time to give us a call as well. We offer Security, expertise, tech support and we are excited to move forward with you.

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Dan Mountain