Virtual Health Care Software Provider

Modern life gets busy, which means as a health care provider, you likely have patients that can’t find the time to come in for appointments. At Secure Telehealth, we give you a solution to modern life with our virtual health care software, a software that can give your patients the flexibility they need to get medical help.

How Our Software Will Benefit You

In the health care business, your number one priority is your patients. You work tirelessly every day to help them live a healthier, happier life. And with our software, that becomes much easier. Our virtual health care software gives you an online connection to each of your patients. You can schedule face-to-face meetings or appointments through our software and connect with your patients when it’s convenient.

This means that your patients have easier access to you when they really need it, like in the case of an emergency or crisis. You also have the opportunity to widen your patient reach to farther locations because patients won’t have to commute for appointments.

Our software is equipped with a virtual waiting room where your patients can check in and wait for you to admit them. Each session is also encrypted to ensure complete security and individual protection.

Why Our Software Is the Best Choice

When you choose our software, you get an HIPAA-compliant software that allows you to connect with your patients in a safe and accessible way. You also receive the benefit of 24-hour technical support to keep your system working at all times so you never have to miss an appointment or call.

We also want to give your business the flexibility it needs with a month-to-month service rather than a long, binding service contract. This means that you can cancel at any time.

To get started with virtual health care software for your business, call us today at (412) 837-9320. We are a virtual health care software provider that wants to help you and your patients.