South Dakota Reimbursement for Telehealth

March 2021 Update: Governor Kristi Noem signed into law South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has signed into law a bill that allows healthcare providers to treat patients via telehealth without first needing an in-person exam. (source: by Erick Wicklund)  This makes permanent the changes in policy that went in place in the Covid-19 Era.


South Dakota Medicaid will reimburse for limited services via live video.  Providers are reimbursed the lesser of their usual and customary charge or the fee schedule rate.  See manual for complete list of CPT codes.  The maximum allowable amount for services provided via telemedicine is the same as services provided in-person.

Health insurers cannot exclude a service for coverage solely because the service is provided through telehealth and not provided through in-person consultation or contact between a health care professional and a patient

Center for Connected Health Policy

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