North Dakota Reimbursement for Telehealth

North Dakota reimburses for telepsychiatry + a separate facility fee (Q3014) 

With this added facility fee, the originating site (patient location) can bill Medicaid for an additional small fee for each session to cover the costs of technology.  Since our solution requires no additional equipment other than the computers or mobile devices that you already have, this fee can pay for our services rather quickly and the rest is added revenue for your organization.


Telemedicine Services are a covered Medicaid service provided the following criteria is met:

•  The recipient must be present during the provision of the service;

• The appropriate CPT codes are used by the consulting site along with a GT modifier; and

• The originating site uses HCPC code Q3014.

Physicians at both the originating and consulting sites may bill for services. Supplies needed for any procedures performed are considered part of the procedure and are not separately billable.

Separate long distance charges required for out-of-network sites are billable to North Dakota Medicaid. Medicaid will pay for the actual cost charged by the telephone company.


At Secure Telehealth, we have over 10 years of experience helping organizations implement successful telehealth programs.  We fully manage your telehealth program so you don't have to.  Your patients work directly with us to get set up for their first appointment. When they have questions or technical problems, they call us so that none of your time is wasted and appointments are not missed.  Contact us below to learn more about telehealth in North Dakota.

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