Illinois Reimburses for Telehealth + a Separate Facility Fee (Q3014)

Illinois Medicaid programs will Reimburse for a Telehealth session at the same rate as an in-person session.  In addition, they will add a facility fee of about $20 per session.  This will help your organization pay for our services very quickly and the rest is added revenue for you.  Please look below for more information and please contact us to hear more about adding telehealth services or expanding what you offer.

See the law here.

Read an overview from HealthCare Law Today here:

Provider Notice January 2010 

Provider Notice January 2018

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services Chapter A-200
Policy and Procedures For Medical Services 2016 (See telehealth section)

At Secure Telehealth, we have over 10 years of experience helping organizations implement successful telehealth programs.  We fully manage your telehealth program so you don't have to.  Your patients work directly with us to get set up for their first appointment and when they have questions or technical problems, they call us so that none of your time is wasted and appointments are not missed.

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