American Telemedicine Association 2022

Greetings from ATA 2022 !!!! We are at the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center in the beautiful SeaPort District.

At Secure Telehealth, we are proud of what we do and what we have done. We’ve connected countless patients with their medical providers so that they can get the help that they need through the use of secure, Video Conferencing software and technical support. Being here are at ATA is reminding me that there is so much more to Telehealth and that the future of virtual care is exciting! However, the challenges remain the same. Challenges including how can our providers offer quality care to people in different locations and can they trust the technology to work and the data that they collect to be accurate? At Secure Telehealth, we are ready to meet those challenges.

For our current customers, besides the video connection, what is it that you need to run successful Telehealth operations? and for our future partners, how can we assist you?

Check back for more updates from ATA 2022 and for more news and alerts from Secure Telehealth as we begin to offer more solutions and partnerships to meet your needs.

ATA 2022 in Boston, MA

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Dan Mountain