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Quick Quality Sample Video (at VGA quality setting)

Note:  HD quality is also available in our base software package.  It just takes more Internet bandwidth.

Variables affecting quality:

The most important contributor to quality is the number of users sharing your Internet bandwidth. Occassionally, a dedicated Internet connection costing $60 per month is required to the video conferencing PC to achieve consistant results.

  • Your available bandwidth to the Internet. We need 768k upload and download and we don't share with others very well...When sharing becomes a problem, the solution is a second Internet connection dedicated to the video conferencing PC ($60/month).
  • Lighting and background We recommend an indirect light (pointed away from you) in front of you and a black backdrop behind you.
  • Choice of webcam and microphone. We recommend the Logitech C910 webcam and Phoenix Duet microphone. There are significant differences in quality among similarly priced webcams.
  • PC Speed We recommend using a 2.4-GHz or faster processor.

    Secure Telehealth screen shot

Consistent, sharp, in-focus, full-screen images (such as the unretouched photo from a live Secure Telehealth video conference pictured above) and perfect audio are achieved when Secure Telehealth hardware guidelines and Internet connection guidelines are followed.

No Latency! 


HD Quality (1280x720) is available to all Secure Telehealth customers simply by choosing this option on your screen.

Note:  HD consumes 3x more Internet bandwidth than VGA (640x480).  This extra bandwidth consumed is the only additional cost of running Secure Telehealth at HD quality.

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