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"My agency, Youth Health Service, Inc., has been using Secure Telehealth services for one year in rural West Virginia. We connect clients who live in five rural counties. We connect youth, ages 2-17 years and their parents to our psychiatric services using secure meeting rooms. Our staff learned the system in less than a week. Jim's group was always available to help us set up the system, but because the system is so simple, little time was required for staff to become efficient in use of the system. Our client reviews have been extremely positive. I highly recommend Secure Telehealth to anyone who wants quality teleconferencing for their psychiatric and psychological services and a system to connection staff who work in rural remote communities to the home-base office. Our cost for setting up a system was one-tenth that of the cost for leasing equipment and joining a regional telehealth psychiatric network. This is the way to go if you are considering Telemental health services. This system will save you a lot of money, while allowing you to add a valuable service for your patients. Call Jim today!"

Frances L. Jackson

Program and Resource Development Specialist

Last Updated on Friday, 03 August 2018 10:38