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Behavioral Health


Physicians may conduct telehealth evaluations, med checks, or therapy sessions from a laptop at home, at an office, or at a hospital.  They may see patients in hospitals, community mental health clinics, skilled nursing facilities, Doctors’ offices, and at home (only for private pay clients) in any state where the physician has a license to practice.  Normally the physician has two monitors installed on their telehealth computer, one for video and another for typing patient notes into an EMR program such as Practice Fusion (which is free).  Secure Telehealth software is for video conferencing only.  It does not integrate with the EMR.  It just runs along side the EMR program.  There is no patient information saved into Secure Telehealth software.


A virtual meeting room is purchased from Secure Telehealth ($300/month).

Secure Telehealth uses the cloud to make telehealth simple for you. IMG_0395S

Our Windows or Mac software are installed on each endpoint computer or mobile device (IOS or Android).  Physicians connect with clinic staff in their virtual meeting room and begin a conversation.  The clinic staff then presents patients to the doctor.   The video link can be left on all day, or the doctor may choose to connect to another clinic.  There is no per-minute charge.

Typically, physicians schedule clients every 15-30 minutes.  Fifteen minutes are spent with the client on camera, and fifteen minutes are spent typing patient notes into the EMR software program and ePrescribing.  The physician may stop his/her camera while typing, but typically leaves the audio on so he/she can hear when the next patient has entered the room and is ready to start. The physician may type patient notes while the patient is on camera, but he/she must exercise good judgment by not appearing to be distracted.


 Virtual Waiting Room - Secure Telehealth software includes a virtual waiting room where providers can see and admit the next participant without any fear of intrusion. See the video below




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