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To use your iPad, iPod or Android:

1. Download Omnijoin (from Brother Corp) from the App Store

2. Tap your OmniJoin icon and choose "Join an Existing Meeting"

3. Enter your meeting ID and password

4. Tap the "Layout" icon (second from left at the bottom of the screen) and choose "Video Only"

5. To leave the meeting, tap the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen.


Supported Hardware

Secure Telehealth runs on Mac's, PC's, iPads, iPods, iPads, and android devices


phoenix duetc910

If you need external devices, 

We recommend the Phoenix Duet PCS microphone (above, left - $125)

We recommend the Logitech C920 webcam (above, right - $75).


Firewalls and VPN's are not required.  We provide our own encryption.

Private T-1 data networks are not required.

Expensive bridges are not required for multi-party calls.


Quality Control

Consistent high-quality audio and video (full-screen VGA 640X480) (30 frames per second) is maintained under the following conditions:

  1. PC processor – 2.4 Ghz or faster (or dual-core processor)
  2. PC Ram – 2 Gigabytes or more
  3. Webcam – Logitech C920 ($75)
  4. Microphone – Phoenix Duet PCS ($125).
  5. Internet Connection Speed – Consistent 750 kb/sec upload and download. This is easily accomplished by spending $60 per month on a dedicated broadband Internet connection to support the video conferencing computer. It is difficult to accomplish on an Internet connection shared with many other users, regardless of the nominal speed.
  6. Room lighting – your image is improved if you are facing a window.


Note: Higher quality (HD - 1280x720) is available in our base product simply by choosing the HD video option.  HD uses more Internet bandwidth (3x) and requires a dual-core processor on the PC.  Otherwise, there is no extra charge for running Secure Telehealth at HD quality.


Note: The American Telemedicine Association recommends 16” screen size.   Our experience shows us that optimal screen size is variable according to the distance between the user and the screen.

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