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CMS 2013 Billing Code Changes PDF Print E-mail


Click Here to download a 9-page 2013 Coding Changes FAQ document from the American Psychiatric Association (APA)


1.) The CPT codes for most psychiatric services will be changing on January 1, 2013. According to the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association, the most obvious change is the replacement of psychotherapy codes (e.g. 90804, 90806 and 90808) with time-specific codes:

  • 90832 = 30 minutes
  • 90834 = 45 minutes
  • 90837 = 60 minutes

And corresponding psychotherapy codes that include evaluation and management (E/M) services.

2.) CPT code 90801 (Psychiatric diagnostic interview examination) will be replaced with two codes: one with and one without E/M services.

3.) It is unknown at this point if there will be a replacement for 90808 (75-80 min.). 90837, the code for a 60-minute session, may be considered a crisis code requiring preauthorization, much as many insurers currently treat code 90808 (Individual psychotherapy…approximately 75-80 minutes face-to-face) as a crisis code. There will be new codes for crisis psychotherapy.

4.) CPT code 90862 (Pharmacologic management, including prescription, use, and review of medication with no more than minimal medical psychotherapy) will be eliminated and prescribers will have to use E/M coding with stricter documentation requirements.


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Secure Telehealth welcomes Apple Mac Computers PDF Print E-mail

Secure Telehealth welcomes Apple Mac users, who can now connect with other Mac or Windows PC's for telemedicine!
Contact us for a demo on your Mac with OS X.
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2013 Medicare Telehealth Additions PDF Print E-mail

Proposed Medicare Telehealth Additions for 2013

CMS has proposed to extend reimbursement for the following services provided via telehealth:

  • Annual alcohol misuse screening G0442 
  • Brief behavioral counseling for alcohol misuse G0443
  • Annual face-to-face intensive behavioral therapy for cardiovascular disease G0446
  • Annual depression screening G0444
  • Behavioral counseling for obesity G0447
  • Semi-annual high intensity behavioral counseling to prevent sexually transmitted infections G0445

As with all Medicare reimbursement for telehealth, the telehealth expansion would be limited to beneficiaries who receive services at an approved originating site. Generally, originating sites eligible to provide the telehealth benefit are located in a rural health professional shortage area or in a county outside of a metropolitan statistical area.



Read here for the requested rule change published in the July 30, 2012 Federal Register

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Secure Telehealth featured in Computerworld PDF Print E-mail

computerworldMore good coverage for Secure Telehealth and Telepsychiatry!


Secure Telehealth and our client Youth Health Services of Elkins, WV are featured in Computerworld February 9, 2012 cover story on Telepsychiatry by Lucas Mearian.






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Secure Telehealth comes to the Tablet PC PDF Print E-mail

Although our high quality and high encryption levels demand more horsepower than is available on most tablets, Secure Telehealth runs perfectly on the Asus EP121 Windows Slate tablet, pictured here.tablets

This tablet, with a 12" screen, is available at for $1,080 here.  It has a built-in webcam and microphone, and a fast enough Intel dual-core processor to run our software at about 20% capacity.  It weighs 2.5 pounds and will run our software on battery power for 2.5 hours between charges.

If you have tried Apple's FaceTime product, you will be delighted to know that our image quality and audio quality are much better!

HIPAA still requires us to safeguard the physical surroundings of the "workstation" that provides access to protected health information.  Physicians must respect patient privacy  while engaged in telehealth sessions regardless of the hardware used.

Physicians must consider other factors before conducting telehealth sessions from a tablet:  For example, the WiFi signal must be strong wherever the tablet is used for telehealth.  Also, some means for note-taking during telehealth sessions must be available.

Apple's iPad is not supported yet.  Our target date for the iPad 2 is late summer, 2012.


Please contact Jim Mountain at Secure Telehealth for more information.

Call 412 837 9320   or email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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