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What happens when a rural school district is unable to recruit or retain a speech-language pathologist? One innovative and cost-effective solution to the challenge of health care provider shortage in rural America is telepractice.

Secure Telehealth is a proven solution for remote delivery of speech-language pathology services to students in public schools or at home (telepractice).

Please click the video below to see a simulation showing a speech pathologist at her office or home conducting therapy with a student in school.  The student is attended by an "eHelper" at the school.   





How it works:

The speech pathologist and the school nurse log in to a Secure Telehealth virtual meeting room from their computers, and then the student is brought into the nurse's office.  The student and speech pathologist see and hear each other through webcams and microphones on their computers.  They share therapy materials and activities through the "Share" feature of Secure Telehealth software.  Students are engaged simultaneously by the activity and by the speech pathologist via split-screen video.  Therapy materials can be as simple as sharing pictures through a shared Powerpoint presentation.

One popular feature of our software is to allow parents to silently look in from another computer.

Cost:  $300/month for a virtual meeting room that can be used by a speech pathologist in any number of schools.  Cost includes ongoing support and training provided directly to all endpoints.  If the school has a technical problem, they may contact Secure Telehealth directly, even though the school does not pay for the technology. 


Contact us for a free demo or for more information.

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Secure Telehealth provides a high-quality, pc-based video- conferencing service for your telepractice.  The service is used to connect speech-language pathologists to students in schools.  All video conference sessions are encrypted at the highest level to insure confidentiality.  Secure video conference sessions may be safely conducted from any location, including speech pathologists' homes.  No firewall changes are necessary, so the solution is portable.  Sessions may be conducted from anywhere that a laptop is connected to the Internet.  

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