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One Secure Telehealth virtual meeting room costs $300/month (including all support).

This is a flat fee which is paid each month regardless of the usage. A customer who purchases a meeting room may do the following:

1. Install the software on any number of devices (PC's or Mac computers or iPads)

2. Conduct any number of sessions with any number of locations (only one session at a time).

3. Share the meeting room between multiple facilities and multiple providers.

Our fee includes ongoing training, support, and assistance with development of administrative, clinical, and technical processes which are outlined in the American Telemedicine Association Practice Guidelines.  

Our price includes support, training, and setup help for all of your locations.  There are no additional startup costs other than equipment costs.  You are not bound by a contract. 

Training and tech support are provided directly to each of your endpoints, whether they are part of your organization or not.  Since each endpoint may contact us directly, your physicians will not have to troubleshoot computer problems.

If you bill one telehealth day per month (16 sessions), the $300 monthly Secure Telehealth fee is paid for by CPT code Q3014 (in many, but not all, states). See our Medicare and Medicaid pages for details.

One Meeting Room - Multiple Facilities:

One Secure Telehealth meeting room may be used serially in any number of facilities and shared by multiple on-call providers as long as providers adhere to a master call schedule to avoid double-booking of the meeting room. Physicians may present from their homes, offices, or hospital. Patients may be seen in any number of facilities. 

Virtual Waiting room included.

Secure Telehealth software includes a virtual waiting room where providers can see and admit the next participant into the telehealth session without any danger of intrusion.



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