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The Ohio Medical Board adopted new rules for telemedicine prescribing of drugs and controlled substances, allowing providers to prescribe drugs via telemedicine without conducting an in-person examination.  Effective March 23, 2017, the new rules set forth the requirements a physician must follow when prescribing legend drugs and controlled substances via telemedicine in Ohio.

Read a full explanation of the new changes and how they impact telemedicine providers, plus access a copy of the new rules, at this link:

Ohio Telemedicine Prescribing and Controlled Substances Laws

Ohio Medicaid Coverage of Telemedicine - 2015  Ohio pays the facility fee Q3014

General Ohio Medicaid Telemedicine rules  (start on page 22 or search for telemedicine)

5122-29-03 Behavioral health counseling and therapy service  Section (F)

 5122-29-04 Mental Health Assessment Service  Section (C)

 5122-29-05 Pharmacological Management  Section (C)

 5122-29-17 Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment  Section (J)


New Ohio rules for TelePsychology (11/7/2011)


Ohio Medicaid reimburses for telepsychiatry (but not for the separate facility fee).  See the links above.

Ohio’s Community Medicaid Program, which is the carve out coverage for Community Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services, does provide some benefits for “interactive videoconferencing” for behavioral health counseling and pharmacological management services when services are provided by an ODMH certified community mental health center.  This does not extend to physicians in private practice.

For further information contact Teresa Lampl.  She is the Associate Director of the Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers.

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