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Update 9/2018 - Florida Dumps Telemedicine Bill, Leaving Some Questions Unanswered

Reverting back to 2016 law“The rule arguably implies that, if a physician is able, via telemedicine, to observe, evaluate and communicate with a patient sufficiently to meet the standard of care for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient's particular condition, then the physician should be permitted to conduct and act upon an examination of the patient via telemedicine,”  - Morris H. Miller, attorney with Health Care Law Firm , Holland and Knight.

For more information on what can and can't be reimbursed in Florida and to learn more about what other Providers are doing in Florida and around the country, Contact us today! 

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Read the Florida Standards for telemedicine practice here 

As of April, 2014, Florida Medicaid is reimbursing Community Mental Health Centers for Telehealth.  

See the documents posted on the Medicaid fiscal Agent's Provider Web Portal


Click here for Community Behavioral Health Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook

Click here for Behavioral Health Overlay Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook

Click here for Specialized Therapeutic Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook

For more information visit the American Telemedicine Association website here.

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