Vermont Medicaid Reimburses for Telehealth PDF Print E-mail

Vermont Law requires Medicaid and all insurers to reimburse for telehealth as of 2012.


Click here to see the 2012 Vermont Telehealth Law (Act 107).


Click here to see the July, 2014 Green Mountain Care Provider Manual (search for telemedicine).


1. Vermont Medicaid pays for telehealth at the same rate as face-to-face

2. The patient must present from an approved facility type such as a doctor's office.  This is called the originating site.

3. The originating site (where the patient presents) may bill for a facility fee (Q3014 - approximately $20 per session).  Example - If 15 med checks are done at a skilled nursing facility, the SNF may bill for 15*$20 = $300 for CPT code Q3014).  This is above and beyond the physicians fee.

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