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Note:  You must download the correct version (6 or 7) referenced in your instructions.


Version 6 Client Software (Windows)

Version 6 Client Software (Mac)


Version 7 Client Software (Windows)

Version 7 Client Software (Mac)


iPad/iPhone procedure for version 6 meetings:  Customers who are using Omnijoin version 6 and IOS devices - there is a new App you need to download from the App Store to access version 6 meetings.
1. Delete your Omnijoin App (tap and hold the icon, then tap "X")
2. Go to the App Store - Search for "Brother OJ v6"
3. Tap "brother oj v6"
4. Tap "Get" then tap "Install"
As long as you are accessing a version 6 meeting, you must use the icon that says "OJ v6" to get in.


iPad/iPhone procedure for version 7 meetings appears below

1. Go to  App Store and click the magnifying glass.

2. Type OmniJoin in the search bar then choose "Brother Omnijoin V7" 

5. Tap "Get" and "Install"

6. Choose US - English then accept the terms of service

7. Do not Login.  Instead, Tap "Join an Existing Meeting" on the same screen.

8. Enter the Meeting ID and the Password

9. Tap the empty screen to get four icons across the bottom

10. Tap "Layout" (second from left) and choose "Video Only"

11. To leave the meeting, tap the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen




Download Zoom H.323 client for Windows(Ky Medicaid customers)


Download Zoom H.323 client for Mac (Ky Medicaid customers)


Download Omnijoin V7 Messaging Client (Windows)

Download Omnijoin V7 Messaging Client (Mac)


Windows support issue:   Error "Selected video device requires custom video format"

Click the Windows search box (lower left)

Type "Privacy" and choose Privacy Settings, then click "Camera"

Turn the setting on for "Let apps use my..." camera hardware and microphone"


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